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Para-Club Bihac

Skydiving Disciplines.
There are five internationally recognized competitive disciplines:

What are we?
We are a parachute and skydive club, based from old and young volunteers parachutists. We jump at the Ceravci, Bihac.
Aim of PCB
The aim of PCB is to introduce young people and students to the sport of parachuting and skydiving, and to encourage them to stay within the sport.
First jump
We organize first jump training courses through the local center, the Bihac. Details about these courses can be found in the Training Courses pages. Initially students jump a static line parachute (Round or Square), with the parachute automatically being opened.
What then?
What we would really like to see, and we are glad to say is the case, is an increasing number of people remain within this exciting sport. Initial parachute jumps use the static line deployment system, with the parachute opening automatically on exiting the aircraft. Within a short space of time however (minimum 5 static lines) you can progress onto freefall. Once on freefall, you will learn in-air control, turns, and back loops, among other aerial maneuvers. There is a basic syllabus, known as the Progression System that is followed.
There are several disciplines that can be followed. Formation skydiving (Relative Work) is now one of the most common disciplines - where teams of skydivers perform precision (?!?) flying at speeds of 125 mph, Canopy Formations, Free flying, to name but a few. As you gain experience you can get qualified to perform in Displays and shows all around Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. Display jumping, it has to be said, is one of the most rewarding things that you can do. Where else can you get to do what you really enjoy in front of thousands of on looking people. No matter what you decide to do, you'll always be having fun.
Space to fit in
Unfortunately we don't have the space to fit in a profile of all our members past or present, but we'll squeeze in some of the more regular faces. There will also be contact points where available.

There are five internationally recognized competitive disciplines:

Accuracy Landings Free Fall Gymnastics Para ski Team Formation Skydiving Canopy Formation

We pride ourselves as being one of the busiest and safest drop zones in the Bosnia-Herzegovina. And, we have the cheapest jump rates in the country! So regardless if you're an experienced parachutist or skydiver or looking to make your very first skydive, You're Welcome! Check out our website, and don't forget to visit us in Bihac ! 

Gyro Nr. : 502015000-27408, Swift: MBSABA2S,  - Bank: Market Bank D.D. Bihac, (BiH)

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