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Hallo! We are Parachuting Club Bihac of the Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Also, we wish having contact to other parachuting clubs in the world.
  • We would like to have you as a guest and visitor at our next celebration here in Bihac. Our wish is that in the next time our city will be a center and home for all parachutists. (If can get an aero plane for parachute jumps.) Our wishes can only come true if the financial circumstances would be better.

  • We need sponsors for an aero plane, we hope that you, our friend's parachutists from the whole world, be our really friends, help us to realize this plan .
    Please all your donation on Gyro Nr. :
    Bank: Market Bank D.D.- Bihac, (BiH)

Planning Activity in Next Year 

Participation .... in the month of August we organize an international Cup by the name of "Six Lily's" in remembrance of the victims who where our members and died in honor during the war. [PARTICIPATION]

Participation .... in the month of September we are taking part in an international competition. [PARTICIPATION]

Our city, Bihac could be a World Parachuting Centre! news

The city Bihac will be world's parachuting center. Our aim is to make Bihac a place where all parachutists and skydivers are welcome and where they can consult about happenings in the Sky. The place to be for new ideas and new friends.

Also we would like to have that these two manifestations in the month's of August and September will be taken up in all calendars of the sport competition. After this manifestations there will be much more respond from people in the whole world for our club and for the parachuting sport.

Note: all that depends upon our financial situation in the Club because, to take in consideration parachuting sport is a very costly sport.  HELP US!

We can only realize all those things if our appeals for help lead to really helping us.


All donation on , Gyro Nr. : 502015000-27408, Swift: MBSABA2S,  - Bank: Market Bank D.D.- Bihac, (BH) or call: ++387-37-229 788

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