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Geopolitics of Energy


Ja biram goste s Anisom


Noah, Peter Pan and the Sleeping Beauty



Radio Slobodna Europa (Radio Free Europe)
Dženana Halimović, Selma Boračić-Mršo,
Midhat Poturović i Alen Fukelj
Objavljeno 23.11.2015

Video-prenos; govori prof. dr. Anis Bajrektarević
- Umjesto zaštite ljudskih prava odabrali smo sigurnost

Nakon terorističkih napada u Parizu, ali i BiH i širom svijeta, profesor međunarodnog prava i globalnih političkih studija na univerzitetu u Beču Anis Bajrektarević za naš radio analizira odakle ideološka povezanost sa tako radikalnim idejama u Evropi. Također bavi se i pitanjem denacifikacije Evrope i uticaja na balkanske zemlje.

- Noah, Peter Pan and the Sleeping Beauty (Europe – Identity Imagined) - Anis H. Bajrektarevic

doc. dr. Jasna Cosabic

The right to privacy, or the right to respect for private life, as the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees it, has been affected by the IT growth era. Privacy has long been protected, but will face a new dimension of protection for the generations to come. The right to respect for private life is not an absolute one, and may have a different feature in different context.  

The book of prof. dr. Bajrektarevic
'Geopolitics- Energy- Technology'
Europe and the World 100 Years Later

If the 'world is flat' today, it is mostly in the field of ideas, with the single (over-) dominant narrative. However, this book is more than just a counter-narrative. It is a tribute to transdisciplinary thinking the future of intellectual thought has to conduct. Prof. Bajrektarevic in this book skilfully blends history, evolutionary-biology, geopolitics, international law and foreign policies, technology, philosophy, quantum mechanics, informatics, astrophysics and cognitive science, and analysis all together with a complex uptake and digestion of the contemporary issues within the world today. Constantly joggling the triangle energy-geopolitics-technology, professor extends his discussion on 'defensive modernization' by contrasting and comparing all the major theatres of Asia, Europe, Middle East and American continent. Welcome to a journey into unexplored and under-elaborated, to the author's own 'quantum filed' of numerous possibilities, and dense web of meanings.

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Anis H. Bajrektarevic, professor and chairperson for intl. law & global political studies. He authored the books: FB - Geopolitics of Technology Addleton, NY 2013), Geopolitics (DB, 2014), and the forthcoming No Asian century. Frequently published in over 50 countries in all five continents, and translated in some 20 languages worldwide.

Ing. Salih ČAVKIĆ

Impartial and independent judiciary is the main and most important institutions in a democratic state. Without common sense and impartial judges no country is not democracy. Everything else is a utopia and misery of reason.

Nepristrano i nezavisno sudstvo je glavna i najvažnija institucija u jednoj demokratskoj državi. Bez zdravog razuma i nepristranih sudija nema države ni demokratije. Sve ostalo je utopija i bijeda razuma.

Ing. Salih ČAVKIĆ, Belgium


Human Rights


Excellences, esteemed colleagues and dear friends, Presenting our due compliments, let us kindly share with You few recent statements of our HoM, given to media in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Prague. Prof. Anis comments Ill-fated putsch in Turkey, calamites in Germany as well as how those are reflected on a general security situation of the south-eastern flank of Europe. (22 06 16) ;   (26.07.16, from 05.58 – 09.05) ;  (07 AUG 16)
In a hope that it is timely, informative and useful for You, let us to remain
with the signs of our highest appreciation,
Executive Assistant to HoM,
Clara Lorenz

IFIMES Permanent Representation to Austria and Vienna-based IOs
Executive Assistant to HoM

Geopolitics of Energy

Inside this Issue...

Russian Carbon Management Policy: Trends and Foresights Page 2
Vadim I. Loktionov

As Russia is one of the major sources of GHG emissions in the world it is important to consider trends of GHG emissions of the country as well as its energy and carbon management policy. The author analyzes volumes and tendencies of Russia’s carbon emissions, the structure of GHG emissions and the Russian government carbon policy.
Geopolitics of Climate Change: The Collective Good Page 11
Anis Bajrektarevic
From Rio to Rio with Kyoto, Copenhagen, Durban and Paris in between, the conclusion remains the same: There is fundamental disagreement on the realities of this planet and the ways we can tackle them.
The author argues that the political will of national governments is lacking in terms of tackling climate change. He surmises our current economic framework is not consistent with the long-term challenge of reducing our use of carbon-based fuels.